WordPress.com censorship – So Student Stew has moved!


Firstly, let me apologise for the serious lack of activity on my blog 🙁 I’ve been really busy recently studying and living life, but I’m back on track now 🙂

Another reason for the break in blogging was that WordPress.com deleted my blog! Just because I had linked to some custom essay sites like UK Essays (I can link to them now so screw you WordPress.com!) as part of my genuine article writing they seem to have arbitrarily deleted any blogs that link to them! If WordPress.com don’t like the site you link to, they can and will delete your blog! Talk about overkill! Anyway, I managed to get my blog reinstated in the end, but it has forced me to re-evaluate the true open source nature of WordPress if they are going to censor the blogs they host.

WordPress seem to think they have the right to censor the blogs on WordPress.com by deciding what you can link to. If that does not fly in the face of all that the open nature of the internet stands for and their so called open source philosophy then I don’t know what does!

Rant over.

Anyway, to solve my problem, I have moved my blog to a self hosted WordPress platform. Yes, I am still using the WordPress blogging platform, it is still the best even though they promote the censorship of the web.

Welcome to our new home www.studentstew.co.uk. No censorship here, take note WordPress.com 🙂

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