Students can get a partial refund on their TV license

student-tv-license-refundYup, apparently you can get a few quid back on your TV license!

You go to university in September and grudgingly realise you are actually going to have to buy a TV license for the first time in your life, a crushing blow, but you do get to watch a lot of Homes Under the Hammer so it’s worth it. You then go home for the summer around June, but you have a TV license at home, the folks coughed for it, surely you can get some of your money back…?

Well students, you can! You’re eligible for a partial refund as you purchased a 12 month TV license, but probably only needed it for 9 months.

You can fill in the TV license refund form on their website here or call them on 0300 790 6090 to start the process.

Don’t get too excited, you only get a partial refund for the time you don’t need a TV license, but it can be around £40 so not to be sniffed at 🙂

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