No university place – study abroad

I posted about the serious lack of clearing places for this year’s students and I think anyone in the UK would have to have been living in a cave to not see all the news and press coverage about the over subscribed places at UK universities.

Basically, it is predicted that around 150,000 students are going to miss out on a place at university this year. That is a big figure, so what do you do if you are one of them? The BBC have a good piece on what to do if you don’t get your grades and miss out on your university place. Check that out, you can always rely on Auntie for some sage advice.

I also read on The Times Education site that a Dutch university aims to lure British students who lose out on UK places. Have a read of this and it sounds pretty promising. The university is Maastricht University and they are offering English speaking courses in a number of  subjects. Not only this, but they are a world-class institution, only three hours by train from London and, here’s the clincher, it’s cheaper, a lot cheaper. Tuition fees are only £1,500 per year and they even do a pretty good accommodation deal for £328 a month.

Obviously I don’t know that much about this arrangement, but it does sound VERY interesting. I’d say it’s almost a first choice! I also assume there must be other European universities with their equivalent of clearing places available on their courses. Why not expand your horizons, travel and study in one! If anyone does this or has done this, the stew would love to see your comments 🙂

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