University clearing places could be cut by a third

According to The Telegraph yesterday, in their article University clearing places ‘to be slashed’, the places on offer to students missing out on their required grades for their first choice universities through the clearing process, could be slashed by a third.

It is believed the 47,000 clearing places awarded last year could be cut by a third this summer.

Even more worryingly, according to many top universities, the huge demand for places this year means:

Just over a week before the publication of examination results, many top universities warned that they were already “full” and would be forced to reject students who missed offers by a single grade.

Due to the huge increase in demand for all university courses, the universities have less places on courses to put forward into the clearing process. Basically, they don’t need the clearing process because their courses will be full through the normal channels due to the huge numbers of students applying for the places. If you miss your grades, someone else will be there to step into your place!

So all in all, the competition for university places is fierce, if you miss out on your grades by one grade you might not get your place and the number of clearing places available will potentially fall by a third!

Never mind, it’s too late now, just have to wait for the results 🙂

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