Student challenges his degree result in the high court


The story about Andrew Croskery, from County Down, applying for a judicial review of the grade he received from Queen’s University in Belfast has been covered quite extensively in the news recently.

Basically, this guy got a 2:2, but he is arguing that he did not receive the supervision and tutoring he needed, and this is why he got a lower result. He is arguing that his employment prospects have been seriously reduced and that the university’s refusal to here is appeal, as he had already graduated, violated his human rights.

I do sympathise with this guy, I would argue that a lot of students don’t get the supervision and one to one tutoring they need. I don’t see my tutor anywhere near as much as I need to and neither do most students I talk to. I know some masters students that have to book weeks in advance to see their tutor. If I’m honest though, you shouldn’t need the kind of school teacher supervision you got at school. The point of further education is that YOU study and learn your chosen subject. If you can’t do that without being told how and when to do it all the time, then perhaps higher education isn’t for you. On the flip side, I do think younger undergraduates coming straight from school or college to study at university could use that kind of supervision in their first year. The kind of self motivated study you need for further studies doesn’t necessarily come straight away and needs to be learnt Β in itself.

Perhaps a wider issue is that universities cannot provide the supervision and tuition they would like to give due to massive underfunding, but don’t get me started on that, just demonstrate against further cuts! Alternatively, you could always buy the help you need, just buy an essay from these guys πŸ˜‰

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