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Academic Knowledge company freelance writing workUPDATE ON THIS POST: I get quite a lot of questions about writing for the company called Academic Knowledge. I did get around to applying for freelance work with them, it was fairly painless and I was accepted. However, events and work caught up with me and I never really took on much work for them so I can’t really say what working for them is like, but my friend (that I mentioned in this original article below) can. So I have asked him to write a review of what is was like working for them. He really does work for them and does quite well. Anyway, here is his Academic Knowledge review for those of you looking for an insiders view 🙂

Original article:

I’m taking time out from all these demonstrations. You can keep up to date on the latest demo information on the NUS 2010 demo site. You can also post your own event and demo details and view events and demos on a map, which is handy.

I am now trying to make some money 🙂 A friend of mine is writing for a company called Academic Knowledge. As far as I can make out from what he says and what they say on their site, they are a legitimate writing company. However, their primary writing jobs are essentially writing essays for students as ‘model answers’. You are essentially an essay writer for

I’ve got nothing against model answers per-say, but it does seem to skirt the edge of cheating in my opinion and frankly, it is obviously cheating if they hand your writing in as their own work. However, I am intrigued and my friend is making a couple of hundred a month, just writing a few essays. I’m thinking of applying to be a freelance writer with them and hopefully make a little extra cash 🙂

Does anyone have any experience of them? I’d love to hear if they are any good to work for!

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  1. Just wondering had you any luck with freelance writing? I’m in a similar position and considering it but slightly put off by some horror stories.

    • Hi, I got around to applying and got accepted to write for them, but I haven’t got around to actually doing any writing for them. My friend still does work for them and he has had no problems at all. He’s not going to be retiring on the income just yet, but it keeps him in beers and the work is flexible 🙂

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